Where do I enter my discount code?

- You enter the Discount Code during checkout.

How long will it take to receive my order?

- The speed of receiving your order depends on the location your order is being shipped to. After your order is processed (3-5 business days), shipping usually takes 12-20 business days in the US. The maximum time is usually up to 25 business days. Our unique custom jewelry can take longer to arrive, as it is customized and shipping times can vary. Custom jewelry can take anywhere from 13-27 business days in the US.

Do we get a tracking number after we order?

- After receiving your tracking number, you can head on over to: 


- We do not provide tracking numbers for all orders until our manufacturers provide them to us. If you would like to track your product please EMAIL US at straplessco@gmail.com. We will provide them to you ASAP. 

- We aim to be responsive and supportive. We understand the urgency with which people wish to receive their products, especially our unique custom jewelry. So feel free to email us to find out where your package is. 

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee tracking numbers for all orders. However, we can send you a copy of the delivery updates that we receive from our manufacturer, if we have received them. Rest assured, your package is on its way, unless we reach out to you telling you otherwise. 

My package was marked as delivered but I have not received it. Why?

- If your tracking number states that your package was delivered and you have not received it, USPS may have scanned the package early. 

- Depending on the weather conditions, traffic, or delivery load, sometimes USPS will mark a package as delivered but it will not be delivered until the next day. 

- If 24 hours pass and you still have not received your package: 

      - Please visit your nearest USPS office with your tracking number to see if it is being held.

      - If you live in an apartment complex or have any room/apt number in your address, please ask the gatekeeper or front desk employee if they have received any packages. 

      - If you still cannot find your package after trying the suggestions above, we recommend opening a claim with the shipping company (USPS). 

NOTICE: Once the package has been shipped, we are NOT responsible for any lost or stolen goods. If your package has been lost or stolen, we recommend opening a claim with the shipping company (USPS). There will be NO refunds or replacements until the claim has been concluded with a final decision. 

Can I cancel or change my order?

- Unfortunately once you place your order it cannot be changed. All orders are handcrafted/handmade once you order, so it is unlikely for us to cancel/change an order, but in some cases we can, just email us at straplessco@gmail.com and we will be sure to help you out. Please make sure you spend some time browsing and order the correct items that you want.

Can I shower with any of my jewelry on?

- Our jewelry is not waterproof. Please take care of your jewelry by trying not to shower, swim, or exercise with it on.

What happens if I typed the wrong address?

- If you provide us with a wrong address and the shipment has not been sent out, please email us at straplessco@gmail.com & we will change it to the correct address. If the shipment has been sent out, it is not our responsibility to re-send that item with your new address, so please make sure to type in your correct address when placing your order!

Can I get a refund/exchange?

- Due to the nature of our products, for sanitary reasons and high demand, once your package has been shipped we are unable to provide any refunds or exchanges. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please reach out to us at straplessco@gmail.com so we can see if we are able to resolve your issue. If any of our goods are defective, please email us at straplessco@gmail.com, and we will sort it out ASAP.